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"Yankees Infielder/Outfielder Oswaldo Cabrera Makes An Appearance At Ocean County Mall Toms River"

Santos Sports hosted an event in the Ocean County Mall in Toms River New Jersey with our friend Frank Luna and Yankees outfielder/Infielder Oswaldo Cabrera. All of the fans were waiting in line outside the store while waiting for Cabrera to come and meet them. Once Oswaldo showed up with Frank Luna and our other friend Brandon Stiener, he started to interact with the fans already before entering Santos Sports by taking pictures with some fans in line. Everyone was excited to see him while Cabrera was exploring all the pictures before getting started.

Oswaldo Cabrera has a great personality on and off the field as he has become a fan favorite in New York over years that Cabrera has been with the Yankees. Cabrera was standing up taking pictures with the fans, signing autographs and having conversations. Cabrera was enjoying the moment with all the kids who came to meet him. Oswaldo is all about helping out the community, working as a team, never gives up and is a big remodel to all the people. Everything was ran smoothly during this awesome event as the line was moving quickly.

During the signing, I was able to make new connects, network at the same time with Charlie Richard who is an up and coming Sports Journalist, Scott Lasky who used to work with MSG Networks. In this business networking is really important as it can open new doors for people and bring up big opportunities. Cabrera was signing all the items towards the end with fans coming in still. Then at the end, Charlie did an interview with Oswaldo asking him great questions and then I asked him one. Cabrera knows about the NR Hour/NR Media and has been showing awesome support.

Shout-Out to our friend Frank Luna and thank you Oswaldo Cabrera, it's great to see you as always.

Here is Charlie Richard's interview with Oswaldo Cabrera

Oswaldo Cabrera segment with NR Media/NR Hour

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